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The New York City Semi-Truck accident attorneys of David Horowitz, PC, have successfully represented many past Brooklyn and Long Island-area victims. In fact, our personal injury lawyers have millions of dollars in successful verdicts and settlements to their credit. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to helping personal injury victims and their families obtain fair compensation. We work closely with truck accident investigators and other experts and can skillfully litigate your claim. For a free evaluation of your potential claim, contact our New York City Semi-Truck accident attorneys today.

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Trucking Accidents

Due to the immense size, weight, and poor maneuverability of most Semi-Trucks, trucking accidents are all too common. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2005, 114,000 people were injured and an additional 5,212 killed in the nearly half million police-reported truck accidents.

Injuries associated with Semi-Truck accidents are often severe. They include traumatic brain injuryspinal cord injury, amputations, broken bones, and wrongful death.

Motorists should be aware that large trucks have certain speed, turning, visibility, and braking limitations. Many truck accidents occur as a result of these limitations. Other common truck accident causes include:

  • Dangerous or reckless truck driving
  • Overloaded or oversized trucks
  • A fatigued or sleepy truck driver
  • Insufficient truck driver training
  • A truck driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Truck defects (defective tires, safety systems, etc.)
  • Poorly maintained truck brakes
  • Poor driving conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc.)

If you have been injured in a truck accident, the law office of David Horowitz, PC, can help you maximize the return on your claim. Our New York City Semi-Truck accident attorneys – serving Brooklyn, Long Island, and victims statewide – can help you obtain justice and hold negligent, reckless, or careless truck drivers liable for your injuries.

Truck Accident Lawsuits

The principal factor in determining truck accident liability is negligence. Negligence occurs when a truck driver, trucking company, or other party fails to exercise reasonable care, and that failure results in injuries to the victim. To successfully prove negligence, our Semi-Truck accident attorneys must show:

  • The defendant had a legal responsibility to exercise a reasonable standard of care.
  • The defendant failed to exercise reasonable care.
  • That failure resulted in injury to the victim.

Our New York City Semi-Truck accident attorneys, to ensure you obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, will identify as many possible defendants. Possible parties that may be liable for damages include:

  • The truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Contractors
  • Employers
  • Insurance company

We can help you recover compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost income, diminished earning capacity, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. If you would like to speak with our Semi-Truck accident attorneys, contact our Brooklyn and Long Island-area office today.

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For more information about truck accidents, contact the law office of David Horowitz, PC Our New York City Semi-Truck accident attorneys, near Brooklyn and Long Island, will examine and thoroughly investigate the merits of your potential claim. Our aggressive, trial-hardened lawyers can help victims and family members obtain fair financial compensation.

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